Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We’ve had some good suggestions for Karaoke.

Matt Suggested:

This Japanese restaurant is attached to a bar that has karaoke. I doubt it's "authentic" Japanese karaoke, and it's pretty far from Philly for you natives, but it's the best thing I've been able to find online...

Vash Says: A friend of mine gave me the address of somewhere in NorthEast Philly. I am searching for the slip of paper I wrote it on. Still, that is also a bit of a hike, since it‘ s all the way at the end of the Broad Street Line.

If there‘ s a way to get go kamakura via public transit, I‘ m down for it, however, I would need to get together closer to five, since I have stuff to do in the city until 2:30.

Let’s decide today!


Anonymous Amy said...

I am afraid that I could not join you guys today because I have to work.

Have you heard about "Fujisan" the restaurant and Karaoke? It's on 23rd & Chestnut. I went there once. They had some Japanese songs there.

11:59 AM  

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